Inquiry into Collaboration the Minecraft Way part 2




This inquiry is well underway now and although there is still a lot to do I feel happy that I can see some of my goals being met.  I see changes in how the students are collaborating and their ability to be more independent in organising their project.

I have been able to step back and observe their understanding, their self-management, their participation and collect that all important information on my students. Equally important, I am finding it a powerful beginning to the school year which I hope will influence the rest of the school year. We are learning through their lens, not mine, it really feels more student-driven. There is an air of trust and knowing each other that feels exciting so early on in the year.

Experienced Minecrafters helping the Minecraft newbies

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Recognising Minecraftmasters

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During reflections , students are beginning to really understand how their contribution can impact how their project advances. They are showing more empathy and trust  and generally showing more support towards one another. A particular student who finds it very difficult to listen to others and work collaboratively got a shout out from one of his peers on his ‘listening to others’  successes. Improved empathy and listening has impacted on this particular students ability to form friendships. It feels harmonious, and the collaboration is beginning to flow. There are serious conversations going on and yelps and wows and still a few disagreements as they see their projects developing. They are beginning to negotiate these disagreements, ask opinions from the group and work out a solution.


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I’m happy also that according to my students I am ‘doing ok’ on my goal -WAIT ( Why Am I Talking?). Obviously I have a way to go. Let the silent voice continue.

What am I hoping to see in student learning?

I wrote these in my first blog post and am happy to see all of these happening. These are based on Colin Gallagher’s  book Minecraft in the Classroom.

  • collaboration
  • creativity
  • differentiation
  • digital citizenship
  • engagement
  • fun
  • independence
  • leadership
  • relevance

and in addition I can see

  •  a greater independence in self-management
  •  reflection, self-assessment and recognition of what they need to do to move on in their  learning
  • trust and empathy
  • increase in problem solving
  • perseverance when the learning gets tough or frustrating

Alongside our Minecrafting,  students are also showing me their understanding around digital citizenship and are beginning to make the connections about being a good citizen both online and offline. They are beginning to realise how their positive contribution can influence their online profile. We have had discussions around digital citizenship and I am happy to see that this has now influenced the rest of the Grade 1 team.

We have started our collaboration with Ms Abby’s class in Kuwait. We skyped and now we are getting to know one another through blogging.

Comparing countries

Comparing countries

The students are starting to write blog posts about their Minecraft journey and reflect on their inquiries into collaboration. We will continue building our understanding around collaboration in both our real and virtual worlds. Some of the students are starting to write our class guidelines for the year based on their inquiries so far.


So happy that these two Minecraft newbies are enjoying the project and have stepped right out of their comfort zone.

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