My journey starts here

These words come to mind now I have started my coetail journey:

Balance, Active learning, and Reassurance.

As I became immersed in so many original and interesting articles on the coetail blogs and edtech websites for hours and hours my first thought was to compare my lack of balance on the surf board or wind surfer this holiday with the beginning of my coetail journey. Before I knew it, I had spent nearly 2 days hooked on reading blogs full of thought provoking,original ideas and tech speak that both fascinated and frightened me and  I was fearful that I would not achieve  balance in any shape or form both in my family/work life  on my coetail journey. I would not  be able to stand up and succeed , let alone move along with the waves.

falling off surf board 2


Then I found some posts with familiar use of technology in student learning, so I was reassured, as well as many fascinating and inspiring ideas . A post on using minecraftedu prompted me  to think of ways to use minecraft to  give ownership to  students in the design of their spaces in the classroom at the beginning of the school year. The power of collaborative learning was happening. Sharing problems and triumphs is such a powerful learning tool.

By trying, failing, and trying again, I can see how I learn  and can hear myself quietly reflecting , appreciating that with new skills and understanding come new and creative ways to forward individual student learning in my classroom. I reflect best outside, so whilst running, walking, swimming, or gardening- my reflections and understanding  begin and  I feel reassured that although it will be a very steep learning curve for me, particularly learning new technology skills- the journey has already begun and I am already feeling more relaxed relaxed

and so happy to have a go