I never thought that I would still be teaching in 2015. My goal when I had my first teaching post in 1984 was to stop after 5 years and try something else but my teaching and life just kept growing and growing and I am still on a fabulous journey.

I started teaching in Early Years in state schools in England and have been building my PLN ever since. I specialised in Early Years development and linguistics and have been a home room teacher, EAL teacher and administrator.  Reaching out to the students and parents in their own language and being part of the community where I live has always been important. I have often been to evening classes to learn the local language where I am teaching and set up support groups and training for parents to help them understand the teaching and learning in a particular school as well as helping them to develop a social network . My own  3 boys are tri-lingual as they go to the local school where we now live  and I can see how this enriches their understanding of cultures and thinking and how integrated they are into the multi lingual community in Luxembourg.


I continue to thrive on  the creativity that comes with teaching and enjoy watching students’ growth as well as my own. If you step inside my classroom learning is taking place in every corner, den, floor space and outdoors, but one constant you will see is kindness, laughter and team work. Throughout my teaching a major force in my growth has been inspiring colleagues who are of the same or sometimes different  mindset and  I thrive on sharing, listening to others and collaboration. The Coetail experience is enabling me to develop this globally and I appreciate the reflection that the course is encouraging me to do. I thought I was becoming less of a risk taker as I got older, but I am very glad that I’m not.

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